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Rishihood University is an upcoming hub of education in Delhi NCR. The founders of Rishihood University bring decades of experience in setting up educational institutes. We have seen the challenges and opportunities that come in the way of Indian youth. Through our engagements with the industry and the society, we recognize the gaps that exist in education and aim to provide an education that is relevant for the society and the self, thereby creating an environment of applied learning. Our courses are being designed so that each RU student is nurtured to contribute to the society in a positive way. Combination of application, innovation and critical thinking will define our course structure and approach to learning.

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Leaders of our society have never been generals or kings but rishis. When you are a rishi, you become blessings to the mankind. This is Rishihood.

The name Rishihood signifies the state of being a Rishi, and is derived from Swami Vivekananda’s legendary discourse.

Swami Vivekananda is the philosophical mentor to Rishihood University. His ideas motivate us to conceive a paradigm of education where we prepare ‘Rishis’ - people who become a blessing to the mankind through their thoughts and actions.

He was a visionary monk and social reformer. In his short life of 39 years, he had traveled the world to spread the message of peace, written 9 volumes on deep knowledge on philosophy, education, religion, nation and much more. After 150 years of his birth, he continues to inspire, guide and move people.