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Who am I? What do I want to do? How can I make the most out of college? How do I take my life, and my education, into my own hands?

If you are feeling burned out, a little lost, or unclear about what you want to do or who you want to be, do not worry, we have a solution.

Our Gap Year Program is a unique self-discovery program to nurture a better orientation towards academic and work life. Students, after completing school, are provided a year-long structured program of exploration, leadership development, unlearning and learning.

The program targets to equip the students with the tools, skills, and habits they need to define their own path to a self-reliant adulthood. The carefully designed curriculum is built to give every participant the confidence, grit, and self-reliance they need to succeed as a global citizen in tomorrow's world.

The curriculum is a blend of activities and sessions that are targeted towards multidimensional academic learning, practical exposure, introduction to the professional world, self-discovery and value education.

  • Wide Exposure: The seasoned faculty will give a broad idea of diverse subjects ranging from public affairs, entrepreneurship, arts, leadership, life-skills, amongst many other domains.
  • Experience-based learning: The students will themselves live the class lessons through project-based assignments, internships, field visits and traveling.
  • Skill Training: The professionals will expose them to a large number of hard skills like cooking, gardening, photography, writing, acting etc like keeping in mind the career opportunities that can be created. They will be trained in soft skills to help in both personal and professional lives.
  • Personalized mentoring: The students will also be trained under experienced mentors and coaches on making informed choices, developing their emotional quotient and nurturing their spiritual quotient.
  • Travel-based learning: Traveling teaches and opens mind in a way like no other lesson can. The students will travel across the country and abroad to immerse in diverse cultures and lifelong experiences.
  • Networking: Students will forge strong bonds with like-minded people, connect with the leaders and build relationships for life.

Our students go through the journey in two phases:

EXPLORE (5 Months) - where the activities will concentrate on exposing the young minds to the innumerable career options, skill-building exercises, group activities, and travel opportunities.

LAUNCH (5 Months) - where the students taste the workings of the real world through internships, volunteering projects, live projects, and setting up their own ventures. They are guided through college and course selection and admissions under expert guidance and mentoring.

Thus, the students embark on the exciting journey of self-discovery and exploration. Thereafter, they enter college with a more clear and determined head and wider knowledge base. Similar programs abroad have proven useful for students in taking an informed decision, improving their performance in college and growing as an individual.

Join us to do what you want to do and not what you should do!

Who can join us?

School graduates after completing class 12 education.


10 months

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