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Today the world is getting engulfed in social and economic changes at a pace never known before to the mankind. However, it’s unfortunate and thought provoking that our education system has not evolved with the same pace. There is a pressing need for strong educators, who introduce and develop innovative pedagogies in the educational set up today, in order to create creative and strong leaders of the future.

Our School of Education endeavors to provide quality education to meet the global challenges of school education and to prepare teachers as instruments of social change, in order to achieve high ideals of social justice and a democratic society. The significant features of the School of Education are its extensive education courses, organized workshops and in-service training programmes for school teachers to update their knowledge and skills.

Rishihood School of Education creates educators who make difference through impactful learning. At Rishihood, we seek to improve teaching, learning and human development by preparing educators for rapidly changing and increasingly technological society.

Faculty and students at Rishihood engage in capacity building, research, and innovations across the world.


The pedagogical model of the school of education at Rishihood university on these five elements:

1. Engagement: Strengthen student-teacher relation through Engagement.

2. Exploration: Expand student’s perspectives through Exploration.

3. Explanation: Nurture integrated learning through Explanation.

4. Elaboration: Build ability to transfer and generalize learning for Elaboration.

5. Evaluation: Support continuous comprehensive learning through multiple feedback and Evaluation.


  • B.A (Counselling Psychology)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education Management
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education Program
  • IN-STEP (In-Service Teacher Education Program)
  • Pre-STEP ( Pre-Service Teacher Education Program)
  • Professional Development Programs


Bachelor of Arts (Curriculum Design)

The Bachelor of Arts (Curriculum Design) course is designed to take up the increasing accountability required today in both traditional and online schools. The course focuses on the tools necessary to plan and design comprehensive curricula for students, while improving educational methods in the process.

The students are expected to learn how to evaluate teacher and student learning processes, setting the ground rules for a learning environment and its development. The course aims to teach students to analyze and examine the use of curricula in present and future education system. Advanced skills in teaching, research, organization, administration and communication can all contribute to the success of a professional curriculum designer. During the course, the students can also choose to specialize in a specific subject matter or level of education, adding another layer to their knowledge and skills.

Bachelor of Arts (Innovative Pedagogy)
Bachelor of Arts (Counseling Psychology)

In today’s fast paced and ever changing world, people deal with challenging issues every day and sometimes require professional help to overcome them. Counseling psychologists help people with physical, emotional and mental health issues improve their sense of well‐being, alleviate feelings of distress and resolve crises.

Our Bachelor of Arts (Counseling Psychology) course is an opportunity to the students who want to gain an appreciation for the counseling process, and develop greater self-awareness, growth in personal relationships and psychotherapeutic skills through experiential learning and counseling practicum. The course develops the skills and leadership abilities of counselors who have a desire to provide, create and maintain high quality service delivery.

Post Graduate Diploma in Education Management

In the current scenario, there is an ever increasing demand for trained manpower in administrative and management position in various educational systems and organizations. Our Post Graduate Diploma in Education Management course has been designed to provide a comprehensive view of the theoretical as well as practical aspects of educational management and administration in the existing and emerging educational environment.

The course has been devised with the objective to improve the individual performance as educational managers and leaders, and to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of educational organizations. The course is ideal for the educators who want to upgrade skills in areas such as interpersonal relationship, leadership and team building, strategic planning and decision-making, which are necessary for effective management.

Radhakrishnan Fellowship

The Radhakrishnan Fellowship is designed for outstanding educationists with an aim to provide them with the opportunity to conduct research, training and innovation at the Rishihood University. The fellowship is for a period of one year.

The fellowship is designed to prepare educational leaders to enhance the quality of teaching and learning in India. The fellowship will provide grantees with an opportunity to widen their horizon in education with access to research material, world-class infrastructure, mentorship and training, peer-learning and exposure to international best practices.

We will support a maximum of 10 exceptional candidates in the inaugural cohort of 2019-2020.

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