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‘Education Innovation and Leadership’ is a highly immersive program, which will not only improve your understanding of Management and Leadership theories, rather help in exploring the 21st-century skills for the fast-paced technology-enabled world. This program aims to make every educator a life long reflective learner for their continuous professional development.

Through this program, the students will gain foundational cross-disciplinary knowledge with a reflective approach, which will enable them to act creatively in order to solve learning and development problems for the millennials.

The program will provide modules with a value of 36 Credits. It will consist of eight core modules, with fourteen electives and research-based project work.

You can choose your electives at Rishihood to seek a specialisation in Education Leadership and Management, Learner Psychology, Education Technology, or Education Entrepreneurship.

Core Modules

In order to provide the students with holistic learning, the core modules are essentially designed to build a foundation of Education Philosophy, Social-Emotional Learning, Management, Leadership, Innovation, and Marketing.

Research Project

The students will undertake independent research, culminating in a dissertation of 20,000 words.
The students seeking specialization in either Education Technology or Education Entrepreneurship will Design a product/ business model, instead of a dissertation.

Teaching and Learning

Rishihood is an impact-oriented initiative. We believe in an “Ecosystem” approach to learning rather than isolated training and research. This means that here, at Rishihood, we actively engage and nurture an ecosystem for our academic areas as well as for the larger growth of the society.

This programme is delivered through a combination of lectures, seminars, online materials, tutorial support, field immersions, and real-life work exposure, taught by experts from around the globe.

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25 Acres Campus (World-class architecture with smart classrooms, auditorium and sporting facilities spread across 25 acres of fully residential campus)

Inspiring Mentors (Experts from across the world to not just teach but mentor and Inspire you at every step)

Blended Learning Environment (RU believes in an ‘Ecosystem’ approach to learning, creating classrooms beyond walls and boundaries)

Industry Aligned Programs (Case Study, simulation, real work exposure and a problem-solving approach to help you excel in all spheres of life)

Hand-holding (At RU, we reflect, care and empathise for everything and every being around us, making you a part of an open-supportive community)

Growth Acceleration (You’ll be able to accelerate your career through faster credits and practical experiential learning)

Integrated Learning (You can diversify and specialise through an integrated learning environment by creating your own curriculum spanning across our four schools)

Global Community (Home to students and faculties from all nationalities, Rishihood brings unity in a global world)

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