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Healthcare industry is one of the largest growing and most rewarding industry. With increased developments in the industry, the need and demand for competent and skilled healthcare professionals is also on the rise. Considering this, Rishihood School of Health Care is exclusively dedicated to provide the best upgrade education to future health care professionals.

We envision training and developing health care professionals who can create a difference in the quality of life of all those who require healthcare. The courses here are designed to help the students to develop high level of expertise & technical skills with detail learning. A blend of theory, practice and clinical exposure, these will make these professionals understand the current and future trends and will prepare you for the workplace or further study in a related academic or professional area. Our graduates will have great scope for employment in corporate hospitals, rehabilitation centers, polyclinics, industries, training institutions in India and abroad, apart from the option of private practice.


Bachelor of Science (Radiography)

Our Bachelor of Science (Radiography) course aims to provide you with advanced knowledge, understanding, and skills in radiographic practice. It is taught in academic and clinical settings and incorporates the specific skills of radiation safety and science, anatomy, physiology, pathology, and radiography.

The students will learn the objective-driven specific techniques like special patient treatment before the study to obtain the most accurate results in radiography procedures and handling the machines used for the procedures effectively. These professionals would be completely adept to assist any Physician, to cater to the branch of Radiography globally.

Bachelor of Science (Lab Technology)
Bachelor of Science (General Patient Assistance)

With failing health or injury, patient assistance professionals are prerequisites. Besides being the foremost caregivers, these professionals also prove to be the educators and supporters of the patients and their family. Being such an important profession in the healthcare industry, the general patient assistant professionals are always in demand in India and globally. Our Bachelor of Science (General Patient Assistance) program trains the patient care professionals to work in all kinds of health care settings, providing greater career flexibility. Students will cover advanced topics like pediatrics, women’s healthcare, genomics, etc.

Bachelor of Science (Geriatric Assistance)

As most people get older, their bodies start to wear out and they begin experiencing more health problems. Because of this, elderly people often need more medical care than others. Geriatrics is a field of medicine that deals with the care of elderly people. Geriatric assistants are some of the most important professionals in this field, as they often provide daily care for geriatric patients. Since the human life expectancy and lifestyle diseases have increased, the demand for geriatric assistants is also expected to increase dramatically.

Our Bachelor of Science (Geriatric Assistance) program aims to train Geriatric care management students the crucial skill set and mindset before embarking on a career of managing care for the elderly. These would include concepts like Communication in Geriatric Care, Medical law in Gerontology, handling multiple prescriptions, Dementia care, etc.

Post Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management

This PGDM course aims to equip students with the required knowledge and skills to take up independent middle-level managerial positions for the management of all levels of healthcare organizations. In any Healthcare sector be it Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, IT, Insurance, Clinical Research, etc. a healthcare management professional from this course will be adept in making informed decisions, using time-tested and emerging managerial techniques and arrive at the most appropriate solutions for everyday operations.

The course will help develop and groom healthcare management professionals with a synergetic blend of academic expertise and practical intricacies, who will be well suited at the various organizations globally.

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